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Qualitative Research - Pros & Cons

Qualitative research is a type of research in which data is collected in an informal way; open-ended questions, surveys, interviews, and even casual conversations can be the medium of collecting data. Qualitative research allows the researcher to analyze non-numeric data that may include emotions, concepts, or experiences. Another use of this type of research is to discover new methods of conducting write my paper research as the data allows researchers to collect some in-depth facts about a certain phenomenon.


Qualitative research is more commonly used for researches related to social sciences and partially humanities. Generally, when the researchers want to study the behavior or emotions of people towards a certain event, this type of research is the most valid as it does not involve some solid facts or figures to draw the results.


Even when you buy essays online from essay writing service, they also include information gathered through qualitative research methods because it requires less time and effort as compared to quantitative research methods.


It is very important to understand what kind of research and results you wish to achieve; the choice of research methods entirely depends on the type of results the researcher wants. It depends on the researcher how it efficiently uses qualitative research methods.

Pros of qualitative research

Qualitative research very efficiently analyses the change in buying behaviors of people. Hence it is the most useful method for marketplaces. Qualitative research methods involve the direct participation of the subjects under study; direct questioning can be done to the participants of casual conversations makes the response even better as the essay writer can record body gestures and moods as well. Analysis of body gestures and moods will add more credibility and honesty to the results.


 Qualitative research methods are also cost-effective; the researchers do not have to pay any legal fee or any type of amount to access the data of companies or people through some organization rather it allows the researchers to directly go to the subject, take permission and start collecting data. Qualitative research is far more flexible; during interviews of conversations with the participants the researcher can immediately change the questions or set them according to the requirements.


Another advantage of this type of research is that it is more targeted as compared to quantitative research. If the researcher wants to compare some features of a certain area, there is complete freedom to choose the participants for data collection.

Cons of qualitative research

Many researchers and professors argue that the information or data collected in qualitative research are not reliable and there exists a huge risk of misplacement of data. They also claim that the results are not credible as they are based on the data collected based entirely on the experience of data. The results drawn in qualitative researchers are not clear and researchers find it very difficult to draw a single conclusion in a single statement, this reduces the credibility of the research. I can elaborate on this risk by taking my personal experience; whenever I write my essay; all the ideas and thoughts in the essay are based completely on my experiences and emotions. This increases the chance of biases in the content.

Biasness is also one of the disadvantages of qualitative research. As the researchers are allowed to pick the segment they want to study, there are chances that researchers may make that decision based on their own convenience or there is also a chance of choosing an irrelevant group of people.


A sample size of the research is also an issue; sometimes researchers choose a sample size that does not completely represent the thoughts of a whole population. You can also look for examples from paper writing service.


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